What are the 8 features in masonry that is important in building constructions?

Masonry features include design flexibility, diverse textures, structural strength, mold resistance, durability, simple maintenance needs, and competitive costs. Thanks to these properties, masonry has been one of the most used construction methods throughout history and in modern times. Masonry buildings are fire resistant, as well as durable. In addition, masonry buildings have demonstrated their ability to withstand lateral loads (wind and earthquakes) in the past.

Hence the use of masonry in resilient designs. As the construction industry evolves year after year, the safety and structural integrity of masonry construction have also evolved. Masonry is a type of durable construction. The durability of the masonry depends on the quality and design of the mortar, the workmanship and the way the units are assembled.

Masonry is a very durable material. Masonry can withstand extreme weather conditions and will not rot, deform or corrode. Hail, stones caused by destruction and accidental collisions with vehicles on the site will not damage the masonry. Masonry is not affected by any of these conditions, so maintenance costs of the masonry buildings are low.

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