What are the commonly used types of masonry walls?

Bricks, concrete blocks or stones are used to build load-bearing masonry walls. Reinforced masonry walls are load-bearing or non-load-bearing. Walls built to withstand loads are masonry walls that are built with stones, rocks, cement blocks or concrete blocks. The load-bearing walls support the weight that is transferred from the roof to the foundation of the house or building. Brick, stone, tile, ceramic blocks, adobe, and glass blocks can be used in the construction of a masonry wall.

In dry-hardened masonry, no mortar is used, and the wall pieces are carefully joined together to create a stable wall with excellent drainage. Dry hardening is often used to create walls for livestock. Solid masonry, made with mortar, can also be reinforced with a steel backbone or an equally strong material. A reinforced masonry wall is made with any type of brick, concrete, or other type of masonry materials that reinforce the use of materials from other buildings to increase resistance to deterioration due to weight load or other forms of stress.

Of course, the strength and durability of the masonry wall construction will depend on the type of materials used, the workmanship and the quality of the construction of the masonry wall.

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