What is the masonry construction method?

Masonry is a construction technique that involves stacking materials, such as bricks, stone blocks or concrete blocks, one on top of the other to build structures or walls. The masons layer these materials with mortar, an adhesive paste that fills the gaps and binds the materials together. Masonry consists of building structures from individual units that are placed and joined together with mortar. Brick, stone and concrete blocks are the most commonly used materials in masonry construction.

When you build with brick or stone, you get stronger walls than with wood. Brick and stone are durable materials that will withstand any type of weather. Masons use special techniques when building their walls. These techniques help them create better insulation. You won't need as much heating or cooling energy to keep your home comfortable.

Masonry consists of building and manufacturing in stone, clay, brick or concrete block. Masonry also refers to building units (stone, brick, etc. By considering the keys to successful masonry construction and using the right materials, tools, and expertise), anyone can create a beautiful and durable masonry structure.

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