What is the main advantage of masonry exterior walls as opposed to wood framed?

The large mass and weight of concrete masonry walls reduce sound penetration through the wall by more than 80 percent compared to wood-framed construction. CMUs are the solution for homeowners looking to increase energy efficiency, in addition to providing protection against weather, rot, fire and environmental damage. The CMU wall structure has an advantage over wood frame construction. However, sleepers or wooden structures attached to the inside of concrete block walls are still susceptible to termites, but the potential damage to the overall structure decreases because wood strips are not a structural part of the house and are they can easily replace.

While the termite population is safe and sound in Florida, maintaining termite inspections and treatments (bonds) reduces termites as a determining factor when choosing which exterior wall system to use. Brick exterior resists natural elements such as water, rain, high wind speed and flying debris better than wood. They're also not combustible, which can help contain fire in a particular room until it goes out, unlike wood materials that catch fire easily. Insurers charge less for brick buildings because of their durability and the fireproof nature of materials.

A brick house lasts longer than concrete and is more durable than wood. While wood has many benefits, it's not as reliable as brick. Wood tends to attract different types of pests and may require treatment. Termites or other insects are not a threat to brick or concrete.

Mold can also affect wood and cause extensive damage, leading to unnecessary repairs. It's good to know that concrete requires little maintenance because I'm thinking of redoing the entrance of my house with it. As you can imagine, it's mostly mud and a little bit of gravel. I'd like to fix that and have a real entrance.

It's good to know that concrete is a durable, low-maintenance material for your building's foundation. My wife and I are studying the possibility of building a house and we need to decide on the foundation material. We will take a deeper look at the benefits of concrete foundations in the future. I can see how the concrete requires little maintenance. It's very hard, so it wouldn't wear out easily.

Concrete is also not permeable, so it is quite hypoallergenic.

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